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ADAPT Aptitude Assessments

If you are looking to start your flight training with Flightrule Aviation, you will need to complete and pass an ADAPT assessment as part of your pre-selection for training. The ADAPT test is the test of choice for many airlines for selecting their pilots.

Flightrule Aviation is pleased to have partnered with Symbiotics as a Certified Test User to conduct ADAPT assessments for cadets. The ADAPT assessment provides online psychometric and aptitude tests to candidates.

Flightrule Aviation Services is the first company to receive the new adapt logo. This logo certifies that Flightrule Aviation Services is fully trained and equipped to interpret ADAPT reports. 

Flightrule Aviation uses ADAPT personality questionnaire (APQ-TI) and FAST test to assess cadets ahead of training.

Personality Questionnaire: APQ-TI

The questionnaire is a self-report questionnaire looking at different behavioral preferences in an aviation context.

While every individual has some capability to adapt to different ways of working, we are all most likely to perform best in a training or work environment that is more suited to our preferences. This questionnaire looks at preferences relating to your learning style, ways of working and fluctuations in motivation and personality, and the way they interact with each other. 

This assessment results in a unique aviation-focused personality profile, known as a silhouette, which will help us to understand your strengths and weaknesses in the training environment, how you are likely to perform under certain conditions and what style of learning is best suited to your needs.


This is a dynamic assessment tool so you will be presented with multiple tasks to deal with simultaneously, replicating the high workload environment that forms part of the pilot’s role.

Your performance is measured across physical, cognitive and situation monitoring tasks, to provide a measure of aptitude in each area as well as a measure of overall multitasking performance. You will be given two attempts at the assessment, and a measure of your ability to learn is also calculated through you’re your improvement shown between both test attempts. Your aptitude in multitasking and ability to show learning provides an initial insight into your ability to succeed in the training pipeline.

This test takes 15 minutes to complete.

Do You Want To Practice First?

You can practice the FAST test to familiarize yourself with the test format prior to your Flightrule assessment. 

This will not be the same version of the FAST test that you receive when you complete your Flightrule assessment but will familiarize you with the test.

Good Luck!

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