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To download and use the Nordian E-Learn app (e-books), you need to register an account on

Please go to and create an account by simply inserting your email address and a password of your choice.

Please follow the instructions appearing on the screen as you go along.
The system will alert you if you have made the registration already, in that case you will have the option to reset the password, if applicable.

You will now receive an e-mail, for e-mail address verification, an ordinary account registration procedure. Just follow the instructions written in that e-mail.

Once your account is activated (the e-mail confirmed), you need to be logged in; in order to continue.
On the left side you will find the “DOWNLOAD/INSTALL” link.
Now is the time to insert the license Key-Code (see below). Do not share this code as it is unique and can only be used for one single account.

After the key-code has been inserted, you will enter the Install guide for your operating system and the download button will appear.
Please follow the instructions described.

If you need any help, or run into problems, please write to us at with description and/or screenshot of the problem you are facing.

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