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Flight License Conversion

Flightrule Aviation Services LLP has tied up with the best schools in India for conversion of your foreign CPL to an Indian CPL.

Flying requirements. The student pilot should have the following flying recency

  • 15 hours PIC in the last 6 months
  • 5 hours night PIC
  • 5 hours IFR.

Cost for Flight License Conversion: – Rs. 4,50,000 plus 18% GST (As per current flight slots and exchange rates)

Course Duration : Appx 16 days


Flight training/checks for student pilot in possession of valid foreign Commercial Pilot’s License and Indian FRTOL

Approximately 10:00 hours (As per Existing CARs on the subject) including:-

  • Familiarisation: 0:45 hrs
  • IR: recency requirement, if applicable (05:00hrs in last 06 months)
  • Day Check : 01:00 hr
  • Night Check: 01:00 hr
  • 250 Cross country Check by Day : 3:15 hrs (Appx)
  • 120 Cross country Check by Night : 1:50 hrs (Appx)
  • IR Check : 2:30 hrs
  • Stay in 4 star and equivalent included.
  • Transport from hotel to Flight School and back included

Reference:- CAR Section-7, Series-G, Part-I & Chapter-8 of DTL TPM

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