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India, the home to the magnificent Himalayas, seven major rivers and thousands of beaches – is a country worth exploring.

We are located in the state of Gujarat, which is home to the world famous Statue of Unity, Gir National Park, Runn of Kutch, ISRO, several heritage sites dating back to more than the 11th century, to mention just a few. 

Your life as a student in Gujarat will be a rewarding time, that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

  • Safest State in India: Constant police patrolling in cities and villages and the strong enforcement of law and order in the state make it one of the safest places in India.
  • Life Experience: Your experience in Gujarat will be one of its kind. Apart from being a peaceful and clean state, Gujarat takes pride in its cultural heritage and it celebrates all the festivals with zeal (not to forget mentioning the world-famous and extremely fun “Dandiya Raas”). The people are kind and friendly, and the state boasts of some unique and lip-smacking snacks.
  • Education: The state is home to IIM Ahmedabad, Nirma University, MS University, LD Engineering College, etc. Therefore, the quality of education is first-rate and the student community consists of some of the best brains from around the world.
  • After you Graduate: Once you’ve finished your studies, you may want to stay on and work in Gujarat for a while to gain work experience. Since Gujarat is popularly referred to as a business hub, the options are many and varied. 

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