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The Best Ground Training In The World!

Nordian e-learning is the most comprehensive course credited for being the preferred choice of Airlines all around the world. 
Flightrule Aviation delivers ground training compliant with DGCA and EASA syllabi, through the Nordian e-LMS. 
Very soon, our courses will be compliant with CAA NZ, CASA, Australia and GCAA, UAE.

dgca ground classes

DGCA and EASA Recommended

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Preferred By Airlines

Online Ground Classes

E-Books For 15 Subjects

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24*7 Instructor Guidance

cpl ground classes

1000 Animated Models

dgca ground classes

120 Hours Of Web Based Training

dgca ground training

189 Self-Tests

dgca ground classes fees

98 Progress Tests

ground training for dgca exams for cpl

30 Full Time Exams

Nordian Aviation Training

Nordian AS is a well-established Norwegian provider of training material and e-learning solutions to Airlines, Aviation Training Organizations (ATOs) and Military Training Organizations around the world. Nordian training material and systems are used for Traditional Training (tuitions in class), Blended Learning (tuitions in class and programmed Self Study) and Distance Learning.

Nordian was initially a Norwegian Government funded Aviation Training Organization established in 1989 which trained pilots for direct entry to SAS on behalf of Royal Norwegian Air Force.  
The company now specializes in development of high-quality ground training material and distance learning courses. 

The Nordian E-learning System consists of the content and two seamlessly integrated systems:

  1. A Learning Management System (LMS) 
  2. An Evaluation & Reporting System

Students log in to the LMS, but benefit from the features of both systems. The modern online e-learning platform is named “ITS Learning Management System” – Europe’s leading LMS provider. It is cloud based and has 99.997% uptime. The second system is an Evaluation & Reporting system developed by Nordian specifically for aviation training. The combination of the two results in a powerful LMS customized for use in aviation.

The course content is available from the LMS platform. After login, the student will find detailed Study Instructions which tells the students what to study with reference to the books or CBT/animations, and where to find Self-Assessment tests, Progress tests and School exams. The 15 e-books are available as a complimentary resource.

Join The Best Ground School In The World

E-Learning Courses – Content

(a) Access to an electronic version of the 15 ATPL books for use on iPad, MAC or PC (b) 120 learning hours CBT / WBT  (c) 1000 animation frames supporting the text in the e-books (d) After chapter questions at the end of most chapters (e) Access to a Learning Management System – LMS (the platform) (f) Access to an Evaluation & Reporting System (g) Detailed student Study Instructions for each Study Unit (h) 189 Self-assessment Tests, 2 x 49 Progress Tests and 2 x 15 School Exams (i) Exam Reference Material (CAP’s) available online. Nordian e-books are updated regularly.
A combination of traditional CBT and interactive standalone animations are available to enhance the learning process. All multimedia content will be updated to be compliant with the latest EASA and country specific syllabi. CBT/WBT is available for 15 subjects in each ATPL and CPL: Air Law & ATC Procedures, Airframes & Systems, Electrics, Powerplant, Instrumentation, Mass & Balance, Performance, Flight Planning, Human Performance & Limitations, Meteorology, General Navigation, Radio Navigation, Operational Procedures, Principles Of Flight, Communications.
Fixed Tests:
There are 3 types of tests in use:
  • Self-assessment tests: after completion of a chapter or after about 3 hrs of study
  • Progress tests: mandatory and timed tests after completion of 15 hours of study
  • School exam: one school exam per subject 
One retest to each Progress Test and School Exam are included in the course.
Study Instructions:
The Study Instructions are detailed instructions for each subject that tells the student what to study, with reference to the manuals, CBT or other additional training material, and where to find Self-Assessment tests, Progress tests and School exams.


  • DGCA Nordian e-learning courses are included as a part of DGCA exam syllabus.
  • EASA – Nordian e-learning courses comply with the provisions from EASA Part-ORA AMC 1 ORA.ATO.300 (Distance learning).

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