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Quiz Winners

Date  Question Answer Winner
1st March 2021  Which Airline is the world's oldest one to still be using its original name?  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  Jay Kotecha
8th March 2021  How did the Cockpit get its name?  From a Cockfighting arena (B)  Lakshya Saraswat
15th March 2021  Which two countries were connected by the Kangaroo Route?  UK & Australia Tushar Nemade
 22nd March 2021  Which manned propeller driven aircraft has achieved the highest altitude? Who was the pilot and what was the altitude? Aircraft-Grob Strato 2C,   Pilot-Einar K. Enevoldson, Altitude-60,897 ft on 4 August 1995


30th March 2021 Which airplane holds the speed record in the level flight piston engine category P-51 Mustang Voodoo



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