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Admission Process - NZICPA

  1. Register for the CPL program at NZICPA
  2. Enrollment-Fill and submit the enrollment form
  3. ADAPT-Complete Pilot Pre-Screening test, and attach the result in this application form.
  4. Flightrule Aviation Services provides DGCA Ground Training in association with Nordian Aviation Training, Norway. The ground training is the best aviation training in the world and used by FTOs across the world.
  5. Visa requirement -IELTS/TOEFL*, Police Clearance Certificate, Chest Xray(listed lab).


  1. Attained the age of 18 years
  2. IELTS Level 5.5
  3. Secondary School pass in Maths and Physics – 10+2 in India (NIOS accepted)
  4. Valid Student Visa
  5. Valid Medical and Travel Insurance
  6. CAA NZ Class 1 Medical Certificate
  7. CAA NZ Fit and Proper Person Certificate.

NOTE: Our team provides assistance with all the above requirements.

Indicative Price for CPL Training

ProgramCPL with Multi Engine (NZD)
ADAPT Test115 NZD (Not Included)
RTR (New Zealand FRTOL, Approved by DGCA for conversion to Indian RTR without any additional examination) Included
NZ CAA Classes, book kit & exam*Included
Flying Training (Single Engine)185 hrs
Flying Training (Multi Engine)15 Hr
Simulator (P68 or DA42 or similar aircraft)Included
Documentation,license issue fee,Flight Checks**Included
Pilot gadgets(Nav computer, Ruler, Protractor,Epaulettes, Log book, Wings,Uniform***)Included
CostNZD 69,900/-

Approximate cost for training in INR is 33,90,150/- (@ 48.5)

*IELTS coaching is provided.
**flight checks and exam fee for first attempt is included.
***2 Shirts, 1 Tie and a Jacket

Note – The Cessna 152 pricing applies when the student’s weight is below 90kg. NZICPA reserves the right to decide on safe weight ratios for circuit training and cross-country flying.

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